Syromolotov Oleg Vladimirovich


Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Responsible for counter-terrorism

Born in 1953

1976: graduated from the Riga Civil Aviation Engineers Institute; holds degrees from specialised higher educational institutions

1979-1998: held various operational and administrative posts in state security agencies

1998-2000: Head of the Directorate for Counterintelligence Support in the Transport Sector at the Economic Security Department of the Federal Security Service (FSB)

2000-2004: Deputy Director of the FSB, Head of the Counterintelligence Service

2004-2015: Chief of the FSB Counterintelligence Service

Since March 19, 2015: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Counter-Terrorism

Holds the military rank of Army General

Awarded the Order For Services to the Fatherland IV, III and II class, the Order of St Alexander Nevsky, three Orders of Courage, the Order for Military Service, the Order of Honour

Recipient of several foreign decorations

Married, with two daughters